We replace your worn out windshield wipers

And we check them systematically

Fitter replacing windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers are important for good visibility and safety

Many people drive around with worn out wipers both front and rear, and this affects visibility and safety. Visibility is significantly reduced when worn out wipers are no longer able to transport water and dirt away efficiently.

To avoid getting worn out wipers, make them checked them regularly and replaced when they no longer remove water and dirt properly or when they start to vibrate or swipe unevenly on the glass. We recommend that you change wipers at least once a year, and more often if you are a frequent driver. It is well worth investing in good windscreen wipers to ensure good visibility and increased road safety.

In addition to poor visibility, worn out wipers can cause scratches and therefore lead to permanent poor visibility on your windshield. Thus, the car may not be approved on its yearly control under EU law, leading to additional work and costs.  

At Glassdrive, we are happy to replace your windscreen wipers after car glass repair or replacement. We have a selection of high quality wipers and these can be purchased at one of our fitting stations.