What 'insurance approved' means

It means it's really easy for you.

Glassdrive_insurance approved

If your insurance trusts us, you can trust us.

If you are insured for glazing damage, car windshield repairs are free of charge in most cases and generally, repairs do not affect the cumulative insurance discount. Glassdrive takes care of everything by communicating directly with your insurance company.

Repairing a car’s glazing costs less than replacing the glass. Let our professional installers decide if the glass can be repaired or replaced.

Car glazing replacement price

The cost of replacing a car glass depends on the car manufacturer and model. To find out how much it is to replace the windshield of your car, contact our team, who will inspect and assess the damage and inform you of the cost depending on the conditions of your insurance.

Quality you can trust

Glassdrive is driven by your safety. Only original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can provide the right glass to restore the vehicle to its original condition. That is why we only use glass produced according to OEM standards. With the help of original spare parts, products and experienced installers, we always guarantee quality work.

Glassdrive cooperates with the following insurance companies and brokers. Depending on your comprehensive insurance policy, the Glassdrive service may be free of charge. Contact your Glassdrive office directly and we will take care of the documentation related to your glass damage.