Truck service

Transport professionals, ask for glazing replacement professionals.


An appropriate and specific service offer

At Glassdrive’s we know well the needs of the professional drivers and we know that time is money. For this reason, our teams offer professional and fast work, adapting to the needs that an industrial vehicle fleet requires.

All our teams are qualified to deal with the unforeseen events that a broken window can cause to the transport professionals. Our fitting stations and mobile units are equipped to respond when and where it is necessary, so that an unforeseen event does not immobilize a truck more than necessary: 

  • Contact Center 24/7, at any time, any day. By phone, WhatsApp, email, and online appointment.  
  • Availability of spare parts in record time. 
  • Stations and mobile units assist you in our workshops, in your field or at your logistics platform. Where it’s convenient for you 
  • Adapted hours, to fit with your planning constraints 
  • Only quality products from manufacturing brands, to guarantee your safety. 
  • Claim management directly with your company, no paperwork for the drivers 

We know that there are occasions that require an even greater response, that is why at Glassdrive we have dedicated TRUCK SERVICE stations, highly specialized in the industrial vehicles, located on the main transport routes, equipped with the highest technology tools to ensure top quality work, not only for replacement and repair of the glazing, but also for the calibration of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), so that you can keep on driving and delivering your customers with the warranty that the vehicle's safety elements are working correctly. 

To help you manage your business efficiently 

All of this has been designed to help you drive your business efficiently, wasting no time to get the right piece, to have available and trained team to work quickly and well. 

  • Reduce the downtime of your transport trucks, and get them back on the road quickly. But safely. 
  • Increase the capacity of your truck fleet 
  • Engage your insurance contract, we’ll deal with the administrative part. 
  • Save money about maintenance but handling a damage as soon as it occurs 
  • Reduce accident risks with calibrated ADAS that keep your drivers safe 

The transport professional is a key factor for road safety 

Therefore, the world of industrial vehicles has been a pioneer in the incorporation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), systems that are capable of reading traffic signals, warn of involuntary lane changes, automatic vehicle braking, turn assist assistant, etc. 

But the effectiveness of these systems depends on their accuracy and on maintaining the appropriate settings so that the information they process is real: Did you know that when the windshield is replaced, the cameras that make the readings have to be calibrated? Or that the proximity radars can be affected by any small movement of the bumper, or simply by dirt?... 

At Glassdrive’s we know this and for this reason we have acquired both the technical training and the most innovative and reference technological tools on the market, for the calibration of the components on vehicles equipped with Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

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