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Glassdrive and France Pare-Brise have joined forces to sponsor a charitable project by a young student to travel across Europe by bike.

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Thomas, 22, is a student of entrepreneurship in a prestigious school, EM Lyon, and is now embarking on the biggest project of his life, travel across Europe by bike:

  • from Lyon (France) to North Cape (Norway)
  • 6200km and 53800m of ascent
  • 75 days alone

Objective of the project is to raise awareness of cancer prevention, promote soft mobility to limit our impact and a sports challenge: as a means of travel and for health.

Thomas hanscoote - sponsoring Glassdrive

Date of birth: July 25th 2001
Age: 22
Place of birth: Lyon, France
Discipline: Cycling
Nationality: French

Glassdrive and France Pare-Brise, official sponsors! 

On March 25th, he will take his bike from Lyon (France) to the North Cape (Norway), 6200km by himself, long journey towards the end of Europe. During 70 days, with only his bike and tent, he will try to climb the 54,000m of difference in altitude that separate him from the goal. Through this journey, he wants to raise awareness about cancer among young people between 15 and 25 years old.

This non-transmissible disease is the leading cause of death in France, with more than 400,000 new patients per year.
"This cause is particularly close to my heart, because at the age of 6, my father was seriously affected by testicular cancer. Two years of pain between life and death, but this story has a happy ending because he is now in total remission. Unfortunately, this is not the case for 160,000 French people every year. My dad's case could have been very different if he had been aware of the risk factors and if he had been screened earlier.", Thomas.

Even with several cycling trips under his belt, this one is special. He wants to spread the message of awareness and screening. We are now able to prevent 40% of cancers by simply changing our lifestyle and being aware of the risk factors in our daily lives. Throughout this adventure, he will try to make vital information about this multifactorial disease accessible to as many people as possible.

The France pare-brise/Glassdrive network supports him in his project and accompanies him through its European network throughout his journey. His story has touched us, we support him to pass on his messages of health prevention and environmental impact to as many people as possible. 

To accompany him more specifically on cancer prevention, the Léon Bérard cancer research and control centre, Cheer up association, Lyon resource centre, Aida association and the league against cancer will relay and help him in his initiative.

Follow his journey, day by day, from here or on social media

All the green dots are France Pare-Brise and Glassdrive fitting stations on his way.