Broken sidelite

Glassdrive professionals will intervene in an emergency for the replacement of your sidelite.

Glassdrive_sidelite replacement

In a station or at home, we will have the solution to your problem. 

Why did my window shatter? 

Sidelites, like backlite, are made of tempered glass, unlike the windshield, which is made of laminated glass. The advantage of tempered glass is that it is lighter, and contributes to reducing the weight of the vehicle and therefore its consumption. Tempered glass is 5 times more resistant than conventional glass and when it breaks, it is in small, non-sharp glass cubes.  

Changing a sidelite : the sense of detail

Glassdrive intervenes on the sidelites of all vehicles (all brands of car, including vintage cars, utility vehicles, camper vans...). 

The replacement of a sidelite requires the removal of the door trim to access the window winder. The operation lasts about 2 hours and ends with a meticulous cleaning of the interior of your vehicle in order to remove all the broken glass pieces, in the passenger compartment as well as in the interior of the door. Our fitters take special care of your vehicle as if it were their own. Can't come to our station? We can also come to your home or even to your workplace with one of our mobile units. 

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Our priority: to secure your vehicle 

Because you can't drive around with a broken sidelite, our teams intervene as soon as possible. Thanks to our daily supplies, we will have your vehicle's window quickly, with the same quality and characteristics as the original one. 

 While waiting for the replacement of your sidelite, come to our station so that we can secure your car with a specific film, allowing you to move around protected from rain, air and noise. 

For the mobile glazing, our professionals advise you to avoid activating the window lift system, in order not to risk damaging it. 

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Taking care of the replacement of the sidelite 

As accredited partner, Glassdrive is in direct contact with many insurance companies and fleets and takes charge of the administrative procedures for the handling of your glazing damage on your behalf. 

In addition, with Glassdrive, if your car insurance covers glass breakage, you do not pay the costs in advance, except for the deductible, if your contract includes one. 

The right reflexes to avoid another glass breakage with your sidelite 

Here are some tips from our auto glass experts to avoid having a broken sidelite:  

Keep your distance: when you pass or drive around a mower on the side of the road to avoid the projection of rocks that can break a sidelite. But also when you are mowing at home, remember to park your vehicle further away 

Keep out of sight: never leave visible objects inside your car. Even a small item that may seem unimportant to you, such as a shopping cart part, or a phone holder, can attract unwanted attention and lead to a break-in of your vehicle. Store your belongings out of sight in the trunk or glove compartment.