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Your car deserves original quality.

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Saint-Gobain Sekurit windscreen: the Glassdrive selection

Are you looking for a high quality windscreen that offers comfort, aesthetics and safety? A windscreen of the same quality as the original part? At Glassdrive we mainly use glazing from the Saint-Gobain Sekurit brand, and from European manufacturing sites. As a French manufacturer of windscreens for the automotive industry, Saint-Gobain Sekurit is known for its high quality and innovative products, which it produces for all types of vehicles.

Our business at Glassdrive: Providing original quality for you

Why do we choose Saint-Gobain Sekurit first? Because this guarantees products of the same quality as the original parts, and therefore our installers can achieve a very precise installation. And for you, it guarantees an impeccable result, an impeccable seal (no hissing or water leaks) and optimal visibility (no blurred vision). Ultimately, for you this means: More safety and comfort on the road.

We choose the highest quality for your vehicle

  • Quality: 1 in 2 vehicles in Europe is equipped with Saint-Gobain Sekurit glass.
  • Made in Europe: 95% of the glass we use is made in Europe.
  • Position: The glass can be easily and perfectly adjusted to each vehicle model.
  • Lifetime warranty: A perfect product and installation means 100% satisfaction for you
  • Insurance approved: Insurance-approved value for money.

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Sekurit, the innovative partner of car manufacturers

Why do car manufacturers choose Saint-Gobain Sekurit? Because this French brand of the Saint-Gobain group, world leader in automotive glazing, has been at their service since the origin of the automobile. And because since then, it has never stopped innovating and offering the highest quality windscreen for your vehicle:

  • Innovation: Saint-Gobain Sekurit works with car manufacturers, but also for the aeronautics industry, the railway industry and armoured vehicle manufacturers. The brand is known for its creativity and constant innovation.
  • Trust: Saint-Gobain Sekurit is also known for the reliability of its processes and the consistency of its production. With 25 manufacturing plants worldwide, Saint-Gobain Sekurit provides its customers with outstanding availability and flexibility.
  • Expertise: Sekurit Service's mission is to quickly identify the right spare part, deliver it quickly (within 1 or 2 days) and provide all the essential elements for its installation. And this is the reason for the Saint-Gobain brand’s professional reputation.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit, a history of expertise

In 1699, the Saint-Gobain group equipped its first vehicle with its glass: the Jules Hardouin Mansart sedan chair (architect of Louis XIV). In 1929, the Saint-Gobain group perfected the technique of manufacturing tempered glass and since then has continued to innovate with its products to provide drivers with driving comfort, visibility and safety, strength and reduced energy consumption: Climacoat, head-up display, Visual Comfort, Thermocontrol, dbContr