We replace your worn out windshield wipers

And we check them systematically

fitter replacing windscreen wipers

Wipers replacement

The performance of the wipers conditions your visibility and your safety on the road: it is essential to check their correct operation regularly. 

This point of vigilance is an integral part of the service provided by Glassdrive. As soon as you entrust us with your vehicle for a glazing replacement or impact repair, our teams systematically check the condition of the vehicle and wipers. After inspection, we advise you to replace them only if it is required. 

Driving with defective wipers: what are the risks? 

At the front, a pair of wipers consists of two mechanical arms driven by a motor and extended by blades fitted with a rubber scraper: it is this removable part which, by a more or less rapid succession of intermittent sweeps over the glass, evacuates excess water from the windshield during bad weather and/or clears it of dirt after splashes. 

Their malfunction reduces the driver's visibility to the front or rear: driving in these degraded conditions may expose him to errors of judgement that could compromise the safety of his or her passengers and other road users.  

In bad weather, a wiper failure detected during a police check is punishable by a third-class fine, or or even immediate immobilisation of the vehicle if the weather situation is too dangerous to consider putting it back on the road.
Another point to watch out for, which should not be overlooked, is that the wear and tear of your brushes can damage the surface of your windshield or your glazing by causing scratches. During the wiping process, the rubber of the blade, if torn or loaded with impurities, can cause friction on the glass. 

All of these anomalies are eliminatory at the time of the technical inspection, and imply a compulsory replacement of the equipment, followed by a counter-inspection. 

Wipers to be changed: the signs that do not deceive

Wipers have a very limited lifespan. The rubber parts, which are challenged in winter season, are also sensitive to high temperatures and to pollutant particles that are deposited on the windshield and rear windscreen. The frequency of use of wipers is also a parameter that accelerates their wear in geographical areas where climatic conditions are more extreme. 

Many automotive professionals estimate that after 500,000 wipe cycles, the equivalent of about one year, the equipment has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced. 

The driver, on the other hand, should be aware of certain warning signs:  

wipers lines

The formation of lines on the windshield after sweeping often reveals cracked rubbers. 

Wiper non wiped area

The appearance of unwiped areas, despite the wiping motion, indicates that the wiper is not exerting uniform pressure on the glass, perhaps due to a mechanical arm deformed by an impact. 

wipers trail

The presence of a haze within the wiper surface, possibly indicating hardening or tearing of the wiper. 

wipers vibration

Squeaking or vibrations are symptoms of too much pressure on the broom. 

In all circumstances, Glassdrive advises you to change your wipers every year. Some drivers take the initiative and have their wipers replaced every six months, at strategic times: at the beginning of spring, after the heavy stresses of winter weather, and at the beginning of autumn when the blades show signs of fatigue following the previous summer heat.

Glassdrive, your safety asset for changing your wipers

Changing your windshield does not necessarily mean changing your wipers: equipment that has already been used can be reused on a new glazing, as long as it is in perfect working order.

Glassdrive is responsible for checking that your wipers are working properly before installing them on your new glazing. In the event of a defect or anomaly, our teams will recommend that you change them to guarantee your safety, but without forcing your hand: this choice is yours in good conscience.

Our fitting stations rely on a quality stock, regularly supplied by our partners, including the French equipment manufacturer Valeo, to deliver a product that is perfectly adapted to the manufacturer's standards for your vehicle. 

Official regulations require drivers to be equipped with wipers capable of covering at least 80% of their field of vision. All models must have at least two speed levels. 

Glassdrive also has the expertise and technical equipment to dismantle and reassemble automatic wipers. When changing a windshield, our fitters take care to calibrate the rain sensor, which is fitted inside the glass: remember that this sensor generally uses an infrared beam to trigger the wiper motor as soon as drops of water start to run down the glass (it is however up to the user to adjust the sensitivity). 

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