Replace a windshield


Make your windshield replaced by glazing experts

Replace a windshield

Is your car’s windshield suffering a wide chip or a crack ? It is too damaged to be repaired ? In that case, replacement is the only way to restore initial visibility and safety. At Glassdrive, we replace damaged automotive glazing for any brand or model of vehicle, offering only spare parts with the original quality

It’s sure and easy 

Would your insurance contract include glazing damage, the replacement of your windshield won’t cost anything, expect the excess, if so. You can count on us to take care of all the paperwork so that you don't have to worry about anything. 

We’ll return your car to its original condition in about 2 hours. It will take a little bit longer if your car is equipped with ADAS as we’ll necessarily calibrate your camera

We’ll provide you a fitting warranty certificate

Whatever the broken glass on your vehicle, you can contact Glassdrive at any time, every day of the year. 

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Why is it important to replace car windows? 

When a small impact on the windscreen turns into a crack, not only will your car fail its MOT test, but it will also put yourself and your passengers at risk. Safety always comes first.

Windscreens are responsible for up to 34% of a car's torsional stiffness. A broken windscreen weakens the chassis and can change the car's dynamics. Replacing car windows is a quick way to get back on the road safely. 

Replacing the windscreen is a quick way to drive safely again.

Only spare parts with original quality

At Glassdrive, we only use top quality materials and spare parts with original quality, in accordance with OEM criteria for the replacement of automotive glass. This means that we can restore any of your vehicle's glazing to its original condition : windscreen, sidelite, backlite, and roof glass. 

When to replace car windows? 

At Glassdrive we do our best to repair a chip rather than replace the whole glazing with a new one. However, it will be necessary to replace the glazing when the damage, chip or scratch is :

  • greater than 2 cm 
  • more than 4 cm from the outer edge 
  • within the driver's area of vision 
  • located on the rear or side windows, and these are not made of laminated glass (such as windscreens). 

Our technicians will carry out a preliminary study and will help you by indicating the best solution for your case. 

Does Glassdrive replace glass at home? 

Yes, we can replace damaged car glazing at your home, at your place of work or at the address of your choice. Of course, there are a few conditions to help work safely and properly ; contact us to check if your intended location fits with them. 

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How do we replace your glass step by step at Glassdrive?

The glazing replacement and manipulation work will always be carried out by a qualified member of Glassdrive's technical team of fitters, and will follow the following work process: 

  1. First we remove the necessary mouldings or trim. In addition, we protect the outer frame, the wing and the dashboard. 
  2. Then we cut the new adhesive along the entire perimeter, taking care not to damage the paintwork of the body frame. 
  3. Then clean the surface and apply the adhesion promoter. 
  4. Once the drying time has elapsed, apply the adhesive to the body frame or windscreen and fit the new window. 
  5. Finally, and before delivering the car to the customer, we respect the immobilisation time of the vehicle so that it acquires the appropriate resistance and there is no risk of detachment or falling. 

This process of glass replacement is usually quick and clean, so your car will be ready in about 2 hours and fully insured thanks to our replacement guarantee certificate. 

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