Car Window Repair and Replacement

A chip or a small crack in one of the windows in your car? At Glassdrive we always try to repair your window first. To save money, let one of our professional fitters help you determine whether your windscreen can be repaired or needs to be replaced. If you have insurance, repair is free in most cases. Normally, the repair will not affect a claim bonus.

Why Car Window Repair is Important

That small chip in your windscreen can easily turn into a big crack. Not only will it stop your vehicle passing its annual check-up, the crack might also impair your vision and endanger you and your passengers.

Windscreens account for up to 34% of a vehicle's torsional stiffness. A broken windscreen weakens your chassis and can change the dynamics of your vehicle. Car window repair only takes 30 minutes, a quick and easy way for you to drive safely again.

The Steps In Car Window Repairs

Interested in how we do car window repairs at Glassdrive? Please ask your Glassdrive professional.

A small chip in your windscreen, has big impact on your safety. We advise you to repair it as quick as possible. Here are 6 reasons to repair a small crack or chip as soon as possible:

1. Safety: a windscreen chip can turn into a crack at any time. While driving,
    this can have a major impact on the safety of passengers
2. Prevent failing MOT: when a windscreen chip is in the drivers line of vision,
    you can fail at MOT.
3. Save time: repairing a chip is faster than repairing the whole windscreen.
4. Save money: repairing a chip, can prevent the need to replace a
    windscreen, which costs more money. By the way, Glassdrive mostly can
    repair your windscreen for free and normally it will not affect a claim bonus.
5. Easy: Glassdrive takes care of everything with your insurance company.
6. Environmentally friendly: the carbon footprint of a repair is much smaller
    than the one left behind by the replacing and recycling. Additionally, our
    resin is acid free and therefore offers improved health & safety advantages.