Windscreen Scratch Repair

It’s easy to get scratches on your windscreen. When you wash your car or if you’ve not changed your windscreen wipers recently, chances are there will be scratches on your window that can impair visibility while driving. Windscreen scratch repair is an essential part of your car’s maintenance.

Scratched Glass Repair or Replacement?

When you spot scratched glass, repair might not always be an option. The window may need replacement. We will always try to repair the damage first, though. If you have insurance, the repairs are often free, and will not affect a no claims bonus. That’s why scratched windscreen repair can save you time and money.

Our experts in windscreen scratch repair can quickly determine what the best course of action is: scratched windscreen repair or replacement. Repair might be cheaper, but if the window needs to be replaced, it is well worth the wait. Your safety remains our priority.