Cracked windscreen repair

A crack in a windscreen, when located in the vision area, is a well-known reason for failing the MOT test, but did you know that a crack can influence the structure of your car? Your windscreen accounts for up to 34% of your vehicle's torsional stiffness. A small crack in a windscreen can quickly turn into a big crack, putting you and your passengers at risk. So, if you spot a crack, let our professional fitters take a look at it.

Windscreen Crack Repair Or Replacement?

If you have a crack smaller than a 2 euro coin in your windscreen, there is a big chance that we can repair it for you. However cracked windscreen repair is not always an option. Sometimes you’ll need to have your windscreen replaced. This costs a bit more, but is well worth the money as your safety, and the safety of your passengers, always comes first.

Unsure whether you need windscreen crack repair or replacement? We will help you with our expert opinion, and we’ll always try to repair first. If you have insurance, the repairs are often free and will not affect a no claims bonus. In short, cracked windscreen repair is quick, clean and can save you money.