Rear Window Repair

When you damage a rear window, it will most likely need to be replaced. Glass repair can only be performed on laminated glass, when two layers of glass are combined together with a plastic coating. Most of the rear windows are made with tempered glass, which is just a single glass pane. Our professional fitters will always replace your window with original spare parts, making sure the piece of glass is as good as the original. This is well worth the money as safety always comes first.

Rear Window Repair Or Replacement?

If your rear window is damaged, it can impair your vision. So if you spot any damage, let our experts take a look at it. A damaged rear window will always need to be replaced. Only Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can provide the right glass to restore any vehicle to its original condition. That’s why we only use glass manufactured to OEM standards. With the use of original spare parts, products and experienced fitters, we always guarantee quality work.