Our way of working and acting

Our way of working and acting

Glassdrive: benevolence and expertise at your service!

Replacing your glazing and windshields while making your life easier: that's the heart of our business.

When you come to a Glassdrive fitting station, you have just experienced a stressful situation (an impact on your windshield, breakage glazing, etc.). We know it and we take it into account! At Glassdrive, we use our expertise and competence to help you, reassure you and make your vehicle safe. Offering you the best quality with kindness and authenticity: that's our goal! At Glassdrive, you are neither a number nor a credit card. You are a neighbour, a customer, a VIP. 

Local and committed experts at your service

The Glassdrive teams on the station aim to offer you a smooth and pleasant experience. We take care of the technical side, agenda and paperwork. In addition to replacing your windshield, we ensure that it is optimised with additional services. Our commitment: to make your life easier and your journey safer.

  • Ultra-pro: we work rigorously until your problem is solved and with the same level of requirement and attention for each vehicle, from the most upmarket to the oldest.
  • Transparency: no unpleasant surprises with us! We work in an open workshop, we choose the best windshields for your safety, always at the right price, and in full transparency with the insurance companies
  • Proximity: We are never far from you. We are local entrepreneurs, working for local development, with flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Reliability: You can count on us. We like to do a good job and we are committed to keeping our promises. We always keep you informed of our progress and deadlines.


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Expertise for impeccable quality

Our teams are experts, contractors with a passion for cars, trained in the latest techniques and supported by the world's leading glazing company, Saint-Gobain.

  • Careful work: we take care of your vehicle as if it were our own; we protect it to avoid damaging it, we put everything back in place after the intervention. The glazing is fitted perfectly without any risk of leakage or whistling. 
  • Technical expertise: Each member of our teams is regularly trained to use the latest and most reliable technologies, to operate on all types of vehicles, in our centres or at your home. 
  • Historical expertise: Glassdrive is a brand of the Saint-Gobain group, a glass specialist for over 350 years. With its Sekurit brand, Saint-Gobain supplies a large number of car manufacturing production lines with windscreens, side windows and rear windows. Quality products from the industrial strength and innovative power of a global group.  

Long-term relationships with our insurance partners

Glassdrive is an approved service provider for all the major insurance companies. For you, this means that you do not have to pay any repair costs in advance to change your windshield. We contact your insurance company directly and work with them to manage the process of your windshield or glazing repair. The largest insurance companies trust us year after year, for the greatest satisfaction of their driver customers.

  • Experience: We have been working with our insurance partners for a long time, we know the procedures. We know how to cooperate with insurance companies to avoid unnecessary back and forth.
  • Trust: Insurance companies trust us, our professionalism and the quality of our products.
  • Tested and approved: an unbeatable quality-price-durability ratio validated by the largest insurance companies. 
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What drivers say

"What a relief! I don't have to bother with all the insurance forms. I can start moving again straight away because they have lent me a vehicle. And I'm not stressed because I know my vehicle is in good hands! I trust them."

"They kept me informed of how long it would take and they kept their word! I know the windscreen they fit will be the same quality as the original and the fitting will be perfect so I can drive safely, without needing to come back for service."

Pleasantly surprised
"The experience was easy and uncomplicated. I felt like I was getting the help and support I needed. My vehicle was cleaner when I picked it up than when I left it. They were so helpful, they kindly did me a few extra favours and left me a little souvenir in my vehicle."