Our sustainability commitment

Our sustainability approach

Glassdrive is placing sustainable development at the heart of its decisions!

A concerned company committed to a clear and shared CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach: Make the world a better home. 

As a brand of the Saint-Gobain group, Glassdrive contributes to the implementation of an ambitious and sincere roadmap for a fairer world and a more balanced human activity with the same commitment as all the companies of the group. All our teams have the same objective: Make the world a better home. How do we act? By being attentive to the protection of the environment, by taking care of our employees, our customers and our partners, by advocating a more sustainable and virtuous mobility.

Taking care of the planet 

Faced with ecological and climatic challenges, at Glassdrive we are committed to a more sustainable economy that aims to be carbon neutral, to reduce our impact on the environment and to make the ecological transition within our teams and our repair centres.

Towards carbon neutrality 

At Glassdrive, everyone can take action on a daily basis to reduce their carbon footprint and aim for carbon neutrality in 2050 in accordance with Saint-Gobain's commitments.

  • CSR strategy in our fitting stations: our franchised contractors are responsible for its application in all our Glassdrive stations. They are also involved in local ecological initiatives.
  • Repair before replacement: before replacing a vehicle's windshield or glazing, we first seek to repair it. This avoids the wasteful and carbon-intensive production and transportation of a new windshield.  
  • Energy plan: 57% of our stations are already equipped with low-energy LED bulbs and our aim is to equip them all. Our stations are looking at all possibilities to use low-carbon energy by working with their energy suppliers or by rethinking their facilities.
  • Raising awareness of eco-actions: Glassdrive teams pay attention to their equipment and work tools in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Everyone can be an actor of change in their workplace.  
  • Sustainable Mobility Program: Glassdrive has adopted a program to encourage its teams to move towards sustainable mobility and the transition of car fleets to non-fossil fuels. 

The 3Rs rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

A simple rule applied by all Glassdrive teams.

  • Reduce waste or consumption: we try to use as few resources as possible. We prefer to repair a windscreen rather than replace it when safety is of course guaranteed. We use our glue cartridges to the end, without waste. Our supplier Sekurit Service also ensures that the amount of packaging is reduced without compromising the protection of the glass during transport. And when it comes to pleasing our customers, we are also careful to offer gifts that will be useful in the long term and that are manufactured in conditions that respect the planet.  


  • Reuse material whenever possible: we arrange with our supplier Sekurit Service to return a maximum of packaging elements that can be reused for future deliveries. We are also testing stronger steel transport crates with them, which can be reused much longer than wooden crates. When we change your windscreen, we make every effort to reuse the existing accessories and only change them if they have broken during dismantling. 


  • Recycle or be recycled: all our waste is sorted and collected in an appropriate channel. This is particularly true for replaced glazing, as glass is an infinitely recyclable material. Recycled glass can be used in the manufacture of glass or glass-wool, two major activities of Saint-Gobain. But this is also true for chemicals, which require a very special circuit, or for packaging elements that cannot be reused as they are. Our supplier Sekurit Service is also increasingly using recycled protective and packaging materials.

Taking care of employees

People are at the heart of our work: we advocate caring human relations with our customers, partners, and employees. Glassdrive teams can count on a healthy and safe working environment where the well-being of each individual is essential. 

The health and safety of our teams 

Safety is paramount in our work: for our customers and our teams. At Glassdrive, our teams are trained in technical or chemical handling and equipped for their safety.  

We test and promote the use of products that are less harmful to employees, such as the Bostik solvent-free, isocyanate-free glue distributed by our supplier Sekurit Service.

Diversity and inclusion 

We encourage inclusion and diversity in all its forms. At Glassdrive, we believe that diversity in a team fosters its growth and evolution, as well as its creativity and innovative power. Together we are stronger and more inspired! As entrepreneurs, we also take our role as an integrator in our region very seriously. 22% of our team members are trainees or alternates whom we are preparing for the future. 17% of our employees in fitting stations have declared a disability and we offer them an adapted work environment. 

Gender equality 

Gender equality is at the heart of our concerns at Glassdrive. We are keen to offer our employees a healthy working environment where everyone has equal opportunities. We are also sensitive to the under-representation of women in the automotive glazing and repair industry, and seek to increase their number in our company. By 2022, 27% of the employees in our Glassdrive centres will be women. 


Glassdrive offers its employees comprehensive and regular training courses. We recruit new employees who do not necessarily have experience in car glazing replacement and train them in glazing replacement techniques, impact repair or ADAS calibration. The automotive world is innovative and requires constant adaptation. Year after year, the fitters are trained in new techniques, such as the calibration of new ADAS, work on electric vehicles, and the adjustment of matrix optics, but also in broader subjects, such as team management, customer support, and actions to be taken to improve the fitting station's carbon footprint.  

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