Nothing to pay in advance

Repairing your windscreen? Administrative procedures with your insurance company? We take care of everything!

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Glazing damage and chip repair: nothing to pay in advance

Have you just noticed a chip on your windscreen ? A window in your car has been broken ? A crack is growing after an impact on your windscreen? You are free to choose the right partner, the right garage and the right service provider to repair your car glazing. However, by choosing a glazing professional approved by your insurance company, such as Glassdrive, you are guaranteed a job well done, a price that suits your insurance company policy, and above all, peace of mind and ease of use: Glassdrive, a partner of your insurance company, takes care of the paperwork with your insurance company and sends the invoice directly to them. 

Why don't you pay anything in advance for your windscreen at Glassdrive?

You don't have to pay in advance the invoice of your windscreen repair or replacement. Yes, this is possible because we work hand in hand with the insurance companies. How does this change your life? We replace your windscreen and... we simplify the management of your glazing damage claim. In concrete terms, you pay nothing in advance. We contact your insurance company directly, we manage all the procedures related to your repair and we send them the invoice. You only have to pay the excess if your glass damage insurance contract includes one.

 "I was robbed and they broke my glass. I took it to Glassdrive and they took care of everything, contacting my insurance and fixing the window in less than 40 minutes. The truth is that they were great and the treatment was wonderful. I recommend them 100%.”

Our job at Glassdrive: to simplify the road and the management of your glass damage

We take care of everything. What's in it for you? You can come and have your windscreen or glazing changed & just put your feet up.

  • Insurance companies: trust us to keep you safe on the road
  • Professionalism: we offer a complete service to our customers.
  • Quality: we guarantee high quality products (Saint-Gobain Sekurit, European leader in automotive glazing).
  • Transparency: we set our prices with your insurance company. They are fixed with no surprises. 

You can trust us to provide you with a quality service

  • Simplicity: we contact your insurance company ourselves.
  • Easy: you pay nothing in advance, except excess if necessary.
  • Safety: your glass is replaced by windscreen experts.
  • Durability: your car is equipped with high quality glazing.

Glazing damage: what do I have to prepare to change my windscreen at Glassdrive?

To entrust us with the repair of your car's windscreen, or the replacement of any of your vehicle's glazing, we only need four pieces of information to take on the job: 

  • Your car registration certificate: to open your file.
  • Your insurance certificate: to handle all the paperwork directly.
  • Your telephone number: to call you when it's ready!
  • Your e-mail address: to send you the documents at the end of the job and a satisfaction survey.

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What is an approved garage?

An approved garage is a garage that has been trusted by your insurance company. How do you know if the garage nearest you is approved by your insurance company? When you sign your contract, your insurance company sends you a list of all its partners. If your garage is on this list, it is approved. By choosing it, you will benefit from fair rates and you will not have to pay for the replacement of your windscreen.