Motorhomes and caravans service

Glassdrive intervenes on the glazing of motorhomes and caravans.

Motorhomes and caravans service

Glassdrive repairs or replaces the windscreen and/or side windows installed on caravans and motor homes. Our teams are committed to carrying out rapid interventions to maintain mobility and guarantee the safety of travellers during their tourist trip. Wherever your vehicle is located in Europe, our 1,400 installation centres in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and Estonia will be happy to help you get back on the road to your holiday as soon as possible.

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Why do you have to react quickly in case of glass breakage on your motorhome?

Even on the quiet road during the summer holidays, or during a long autumn or spring excursion, a recreational vehicle is never safe from an incident: the slightest impact, crack or breakage found on the glazing of a motorhome is a hitch which, from time to time, can disrupt the schedule of a couple or a travelling family.  

Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, the owner of the vehicle is exposed, in addition to the inconvenience of impaired vision or an open vehicle, to the risk of being fined a third class fine. 

Obviously, in this particular respect, the driver of a motorhome is subject to the same rules as a driver in a light vehicle:  

A single impact in the driver's field of vision or within 4 cm of the edge of the windshield requires to be replaced.  

Irrespective of their position on the glass surface, a chip with a circumference greater than a two-euro coin or a crack longer than 3 cm are potentially reprehensible irregularities during a roadside check. (These regulations do not apply to a caravan, which is a mobile unit towed by a vehicle and therefore does not contain passengers when in motion). 

The owner of a motorhome damaged by glass breakage should therefore be quick to call on the services of Glassdrive

Our teams take care of all brands without restriction and guarantee a quick repair. Or ensure, within a very short time, the replacement of your damaged glazing with a part of equivalent quality, specificity and performance to the original equipment.  

Integral or profiled motorhome: what are the differences?

The technical equipment used by our 1,400 repair centres enables them to work on both profiled and integral motorhomes. What is the difference between these two types of vehicles? And what installation methods are required due to their particular design? 

The glazing of your profiled motorhome

The profiled motorhome consists of two elements that have been assembled: the cabin of a utility vehicle at the front (for the driver and passengers), to which a cell has been added at the rear (with its small living space and sleeping area). A new windshield is fitted to a rigidly framed metal window, identical to that of a traditional car. In some cases, the glass piece to be installed must correspond to the standards of the manufacturer of the commercial vehicle (CUV) that serves as the chassis of the motor home.  

Glassdrive has the internal resources to adapt to all technical requests: depending on the needs, we supply our stocks from our usual suppliers of glazing dedicated to recreational vehicles (motor homes and caravans), or from manufacturers more specialised in this market. 

Glazing for your integral motorhome

Contrary to the profiled motorhome, the integral motorhome is monobloc and entirely bodied: it has no doors, or only one on the driver's side, and presents a windshield often curved and of very large size, close to a panoramic format. The assembly of these large laminated glass elements (up to 40 kg!) requires special tools and, very often, the simultaneous assistance of several technicians.  

On these models, the windshield is mounted on a flexible frame made of a glass fibre reinforced resin, like the rest of the vehicle body. Another difference compared to the "profile" is that the driver's seat is not separated from the living area at the rear.  

Glassdrive's teams often access the damaged windshield through the motorhome's central door, taking all the necessary precautions and protection to avoid dirtying or damaging the floor and furniture of your living space. 

How is the repair of your motorhome carried out at Glassdrive?

Removal is an equally delicate operation that requires a great deal of technical expertise and the use of appropriate equipment: the damaged glass is carefully removed from its housing by means of a cutting wire operated by traction cables. The position of the glass pieces, higher than on a car, often requires the use of small stepladders unfolded along the vehicle's wheels. 

Glassdrive also works on fixed or sliding sidelide, which are rarely repairable due to their specific composition in tempered glass, which breaks in the event of an impact. 

If necessary, our workshops also supply polycarbonate roof bubbles.

In what cases is your glazing repairable?

Remember that a windshield can be repaired by simply injecting a thermosetting resin, under certain conditions, the same conditions that apply to light vehicles: 

  • The impact must not be located in the driver's field of vision, or within 4cm of the edge of the windshield. 
  • The impact must not be more than 25mm in diameter (roughly the size of a two euro coin). 
  • Regardless of its position on the glass surface, a crack longer than 3 cm must be replaced. 

Glazing or glass panes made of polycarbonate or thermoformed materials, which are used in the openings of caravans, cannot be repaired in the event of impact or breakage and must be replaced completely. 

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