Insurers and fleet managers

Glassdrive, a trusted professional partner

Glassdrive, a trusted professional partner

Safety and reliability at the heart of our approach with our partners.

Are you an insurance company or an insurance broker? Are you a fleet manager or a vehicle rental company? Do you need a reliable and reactive partner for the glazing of your cars, your road transport or your vans? At Glassdrive, we are experts in the repair of glazing and windshields, and we are a member of the Saint-Gobain group, the world leader in glass. But not only that: in addition to our technical expertise, we value genuine and reliable human relations with our customers, our employees and also our partners. Simplifying our cooperation and procedures around claims and risks, making the system more virtuous: this is also part of our job! 

A trusted partner

For 20 years, we have built our history with our partners. Loyalty in our human relations is essential to us. Our relation are long-term partnerships, built with the largest insurance companies that trust us.

  • Gaining in safety

The quality of our products and our professionalism guarantee the best service for our customers, your drivers, your policyholders. Safety and quality are our priorities. Your policyholders are in good hands, we are committed to offering them a demanding and quality service. At Glassdrive, we take care of all the administration: no unpleasant surprises for our customers and the security of an error-free file for our insurance partners. Satisfied customers with us, are policyholders who have even more confidence in you and your choice of partners.

  • Gaining in simplicity  

Our claims management tool makes life easier for our customers and our insurance partners. We know the procedures, we know how to cooperate to avoid unnecessary back and forth. We optimise the flow of data, we handle all the paperwork for our clients to make it easier for everyone! We are the single point of contact for our partners! Simple and efficient!  

  • Gaining in mobility 

Making life easier and more convenient: that's our business! We know that mobility and safety are your priorities as fleet managers. That's why we pick up your drivers at the most convenient address, pick up their vehicle, or offer them a replacement vehicle free of charge. Are you in charge of a rental fleet or a company? We will come to your car park. Glassdrive makes glass breakage easy and practical! 

A partner in solutions

At Glassdrive, what drives us is to be a positive contributor to the insurance system. We want to be a sustainable insurance partner and an innovative partner. We are here to develop solutions for an ever more virtuous system. 

  • Developing solutions  

Our daily work is to contribute to making claims files simpler, smoother and safer, and to cooperate with our partners in order to satisfy our common customers in complete safety and reliability. We have implemented a claims management tool that saves time but also secures and controls procedures. We are always developing new solutions to contribute to a more innovative, more digital risk management system, but above all, one that is simpler and safer for everyone!

  • Committed to a virtuous model  

Integrity is at the heart of our relationships with our partners. We charge a fair price and offer an unbeatable and transparent quality-price-sustainability ratio. We offer our customers and our insurance partners value, quality work with an honest and clear price, with no unpleasant surprises for either party. At Glassdrive, we are experts committed to transparency and trust!