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Glass breakage repair: Free home visit

Damage to your windscreen preventing you from driving? Can't find an appointment at your nearest repair centre? Don't want to get back behind the wheel until your window is repaired? No problem! The Glassdrive teams are at your service and will come to your home free of charge to repair your windscreen or broken window on-site.

Windscreen repair at home: 800 centres across Europe

Glassdrive is a network of 800 repair centres throughout Europe. Located in the city centre or on the outskirts of a shopping area, our teams will do everything to accommodate you as best as possible. Together, we will find the appointment that is most compatible with your schedule and your constraints. We never overbook. Your appointment is for you, and you alone. And while our waiting rooms are very welcoming, we work quickly and efficiently to save you time.

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At-home glass repair: When to request it?

When to request an at-home repair? Sometimes your windscreen is so damaged that you can no longer drive your car safely. Nor without risking a fine. Sometimes you just don't have time to go to one of our Glassdrive centres. The at-home repair service has been designed for you: 100% free, it allows you to benefit from the Glassdrive mobile service wherever you are. At work, at home, on holiday, everywhere.

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At-home repair: The Glassdrive mobile service is always there for you

Our Glassdrive mobile service team will come to you free of charge to repair your windscreen or broken windows. The mobile service is equipped with the appropriate equipment to offer you the same quality of repair services as in a Glassdrive centre. However, it is important to ensure that certain conditions are met: 

  • Accessibility: Your car must be accessible in terms of level, roadway, authorised parking space, compliance with the highway code... so that our repair vehicle can intervene in a perfectly safe and legal manner.
  • Private location: Your car must be parked in a private space. We do not repair windscreens on public roads. This serves to avoid endangering our teams on the one hand, and not to hinder traffic on the other.
  • Covered area: Your car should be parked in a covered area to protect it from rain. But also to protect your passenger compartment from any flying objects in case of wind (dust, tree leaves, pollen...). It also ensures constant brightness; this is very important when recalibrating your driver assistance devices after repairing your windscreen.
  • Clearance: Your car must be parked in a space that is sufficiently clear for the Glassdrive mobile service team to intervene. Ideally, they should have at least 1.20 metres to walk around your car, open the doors and bonnet, fit your new windscreen... The issue: Do not risk damaging your vehicle or your brand new window!
  • A flat surface: If your vehicle is equipped with driver assistance systems, we calibrate the camera. To do this, your car must be parked on a perfectly level surface.