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How much does it cost to repair a damaged windscreen?

Has a projectile damaged your car’s windscreen? It’s best to take the vehicle to a professional straight away so they can repair the windscreen, before the damage gets worse and the glass needs to be replaced. How much does a windscreen repair cost? Can you claim it on your insurance?


When should you have a damaged windscreen repaired?

Whatever the cause, it’s best to repair a chip in a windscreen as soon as possible. This is because untreated damage can crack, especially after a sudden change in temperature or a shock. Then it’s too late to think about repairing the windscreen and you’ll need to replace the entire pane of glass, and maybe even pay an excess, depending on the terms of your insurance policy.

However, for a windscreen to be repaired, the damage must be less than 40 mm in diameter. The chip must also be more than 5 cm from the edge of the glass and outside the driver’s field of view (a circle of 30 cm in diameter halfway between the top and bottom of the windscreen, lined up with the steering wheel). The shape of the damage is also a factor in deciding whether to repair or replace. If these conditions aren’t met, the windscreen can’t be repaired: you’ll have to replace the windscreen outright.


How much does a windscreen repair cost?

How much does it cost to repair a damaged windscreen? If it’s done by a professional, the procedure is quick: at Glassdrive, we use a specific resin that we inject right at the centre of the damaged spot. It takes about half an hour to repair a damaged windscreen.

At Glassdrive, the price of a windscreen repair is between 70 and 90 Euros. Our aim is to offer windscreen repair at an affordable price, so we try to use this procedure, which doesn’t produce any waste, and costs your insurance company less. This includes the price of the resin injected into the windscreen damage as well as the technician’s labour.

However, you should be aware that the cost of repairing windscreen damage is covered by your car insurance’s glass breakage warranty – whether this is included as standard in your policy or is optional, in which case you don’t have to pay anything.

If you don’t have this type of warranty, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repairing your car’s windscreen. But remember that this is always cheaper than replacing the entire pane of glass!


Why have Glassdrive repair your windscreen?

Glassdrive is the car glazing specialist. We take care of repairing the damage to your windscreen at the best price, for your comfort and for your safety. With Glassdrive, you benefit from the skills of a seasoned technician, from the quality of the glass designed by Saint-Gobain, and from the fact that your insurer will cover the cost of repairing your windscreen through your glass breakage warranty. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment!

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Glassdrive is the car glazing specialist

We take care of repairing the damage to your windscreen at the best price!


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