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Why and how do you replace the side window of your car?

Is the side window of your car broken? This can be the result of a collision, an act of vandalism or an attempted break-in. In the event of a problem with a car’s side windows, repair is not usually possible: they must be replaced so that the passenger compartment isn’t left unprotected. Why is it essential to replace a car’s side window, and how do you go about it?


Why does a car’s side window need to be replaced?

In the event of a collision, there's less risk of a projectile breaking through the side windows than through the windscreen. Lightness is prioritised over impact resistance to help reduce the car’s fuel consumption. Therefore, car side windows are usually made of tempered glass rather than laminated glass. Tempered glass shatters into thousands of small glass cubes that are less sharp than large, blade-like pieces. Some high-end vehicles use laminated glass throughout to resist break-ins. This means that if a side window is hit, it will shatter completely and a simple repair isn’t an option, unlike with a windscreen.

A car window can only be repaired under two conditions:

  • The glass must be laminated glass,
  • The damage must be small (less than 40 mm) and not obstruct your visibility.

On the other hand, replacing your car’s window is unavoidable if it’s a tempered glass side window.


How do you replace car side windows?

Because a side window breaks easily in the event of a collision (voluntary or not), replacement is essential and must be done urgently, so the vehicle isn’t left open.

In fact, a vehicle with a broken side window is an unprotected vehicle. It isn’t possible to drive for long under these conditions. In addition, because tempered glass is prone to breaking into lots of pieces, these must be removed from the passenger compartment and the window frame. That’s why you need to replace your car window as soon as possible.

Replacing a car window requires a professional with the right equipment - in particular a hood to protect against shards of glass - and the ability to work on the window’s raising mechanism. The procedure could also damage the electrical system that opens and closes the windows, which requires careful attention.


It’s also sometimes necessary to carry out an electrical diagnosis of the vehicle to ensure that the new windows work properly.

At Glassdrive, we follow a strict protocol for any car window change:

  • Removing the handles and all connections along with the door panel;
  • Thoroughly cleaning the debris from the car’s side window;
  • Installing a new window on the vehicle and adjusting it;
  • Reconnecting the electrical connections and reassembling.

The average car window replacement takes less than 2 hours.


Why trust Glassdrive to change your car window?

Glassdrive offers you unique expertise and high quality materials, in particular the glass designed and produced by Saint-Gobain, Europe’s leading automotive glass manufacturer.

For your car window, if repair is impossible, we’ll replace it with glass that matches the original: it can be tinted, athermic, tempered or laminated glass, etc., but above all we guarantee the same quality as the original part: the same impeccable curvature, the same perfect transparency, guaranteeing you the same quality and driving comfort as you had before the glass broke.

The cost of replacing your car window is covered by the glass breakage warranty included in your car insurance (excluding any excess). All you have to do is make an appointment at a Glassdrive centre!

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