Fitting Window Film (tinting, safety, anti-UV)

Window tinting is an increasingly popular choice due to the many benefits it offers when it comes to sun protection and greater driving safety.

Solar sheet on a car window

Car window tinting

What is it? The process consists of installing solar sheets on the windows of your car.

A recommended option if you want to enjoy a more comfortable temperature while driving and greater safety in the event of glass breakage.

What are the advantages of window tinting?

The approved sheets used by Glassdrive reflect and absorb solar heat, preventing the interior of the car from heating up excessively compared to the outside temperature.

These are all the benefits you will acquire with the change:

  • Protection against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Improves safety in case of glass breakage.
  • Less car-related expenses: Huge fuel savings from not having to use the air conditioning as much.
  • Improves visibility for the driver and reduces eye strain.
  • Greater safety as it prevents glare.
  • Protects the interior upholstery against wear caused by the sun.
  • Provides privacy and improves the aesthetics of the car. With Glassdrive you will also have the homologation and installation certificate to successfully pass the ITV.

For car window tinting we only use top quality materials

Our technicians will help you choose from a wide variety of shades and will cut the sheets to measure, according to the characteristics of your car, before installing them according to regulations.

It is important to choose a professional installation to ensure a correct seal and benefit from the best guarantees on your tinted windows.

At Glassdrive your security is our priority. We guarantee a fast and optimal installation so that you can enjoy window tinting for your car and greater comfort while driving.