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A piece of furniture sticking out, a stone that’s taken an unfortunate trajectory, a break-in... the backlite of a vehicle is not resistant to everything. Under the impact, as a safety measure, it breaks into lots of little glazing pieces. For the replacement of the backlite of your vehicle, our professionals at Glassdrive will intervene in emergency everywhere in our 1400 centres. In a fitting station, at home or wherever is easy for you, we bring a fast solution to your glazing damage.

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Safety as a commitment

It is difficult to drive with a broken backlite; too much noise, too much air, risk of rain leaking through and above all, your vehicle is open.

This is why our teams intervene as soon as possible. Our daily supplies from the largest manufacturers of automotive glazing allow us to quickly receive the window of your vehicle, quality and characteristics being identical to the original.

And while you’re waiting for the replacement appointment, our technicians will apply a specialised film to your vehicle: it will be safe and you will be able to continue driving in better conditions.

Coverage of backlite replacement

As approved partners of many insurance companies, our teams at Glassdrive stations will manage the administrative procedures related to the coverage of your glazing damage by your insurance. Another advantage: you won't have to advance the expenses, only the deductible if your car insurance contract includes one.

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The right reflexes to avoid a new glazing damage with your backlite.

Here are some tips from our auto glazing experts to avoid having a broken window:

Watch out for rocks: they can be propelled by a roadside mower in the summer, or simply by your mower when you take care of your lawn on the weekend. In any case, be careful and keep your distance!

Don't leave anything visible: even a small object that may seem harmless to you, such as an umbrella or a coat left on the back deck, can attract unwanted attention and lead to a break-in. Remember to store your belongings in the trunk; this is also a good idea when you are driving, as it will prevent an object stored on the rear deck from hitting a rear seat passenger in an emergency braking situation.

Measure: If you need to transport bulky objects (furniture, lawnmower, bicycle, materials...), remember to check that your trunk can close without breaking the backlite or that your load won't slide off at the first hit of the brakes and hit the backlite.

Secure: If you want to transport a bike on a bike rack that sits on the tailgate of your vehicle, follow the installation instructions carefully. Securely fasten the device to avoid vibration and ensure that the bikes do not rest directly on the tailgate.