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Glass breakage repairs for all makes of vehicles 

Always a solution for you and your windscreen

Is a crack growing in your windscreen? A sliver extending in the shape of a star? Changing your windscreen is essential for safe driving. Should you go to a dealer to repair your car's windscreen? At Glassdrive we replace your windscreen whatever the make of your vehicle.

Windscreen expertise: versatility born of experience

Are you crazy about your car and want the best for it? Is your car your work tool? Are you looking for safety above all for yourself and your children? Whether your car is a jewel or a useful means of transport, we will find the best solution for you and your car's needs.

"Since the first contact, Glassdrive has been attentive and helpful in the matter of my vehicle. Work done to perfection and spectacular service."

Our business at Glassdrive: listen to you and equip yourself 

Listen to you? Yes, it is important and that is where we always start. Because we are technical experts, we master all solutions. But our mission goes beyond that: we are here to find the right solution for you and your car.

We are windscreen experts: unparalleled expertise

  • Expertise: thanks to our network of 800 fitting centres, we know all the vehicle makes and new products on the market inside out.
  • High quality included: we select only the highest quality glazing from the catalogue of Saint-Gobain, our leading automotive glazing group.
  • Technical: as a windscreen repair specialist, we are equipped with the most advanced tools for every step of the repair process, from assembly to disassembly and calibration.
  • Know-how: the largest insurance companies trust us to repair the windscreens of their policyholdersRespect: we offer you fair prices, negotiated directly with your insurance company to guarantee you the best products and the best service.

We are experts at your service: here to make your life easier

  • Listening: so we start by listening to your needs. 
  • Punctuality: your repair appointment is a unique and dedicated time slot. Always complied with. 
  • Trust: we offer you the highest quality glazing perfectly suited to your vehicle.
  • Peace of mind: we manage all the procedures for you, directly with your insurance company.
  • Reactivity: are you in a hurry? We find solutions to ease your constraints.

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A little, a lot, passionately... how much do you like your car? 

At Glassdrive, we are passionate about cars. Perhaps we share this passion with you, perhaps not? In all cases, we listen to your expectations and the needs of your vehicle: 

  • We take the utmost care of your car, respecting its history and heritage. Our technical experts work with passion and precision to ensure its performance. 
  • We choose the highest quality glazing and windscreen models that are perfectly suited to your vehicle. Tailor-made for your car? It's all thanks to our network of passionate experts who share their know-how.
  • We provide the best service in the shortest time for you. We take time for your car and nothing else. And we work fast to get you back on the road safely, and enable you to resume all your activities as soon as possible.
  • We give you advice and tips on how to maintain your car. Why? To keep you safe on the road, but also to make your car last longer.