Can we repair, or must we replace?

Windscreen : repair rather than replace

The right thing to do for you and for the planet!

All glass replacement

Has your windscreen been damaged? It is essential to have your car examined by a car repair and automotive glass expert so that you can keep driving safely. But don’t panic! In fact, your windscreen might only need repairing. Our experts will examine each situation individually to offer you the optimal solution.

Windscreen repair or replacement?

Should your windscreen be repaired or replaced if it is damaged? To find out, it is essential to consult an expert in windscreen repair and replacement. They will be able to assess the extent of the damage to your windscreen. At Glassdrive, we only have one rule: We always prioritise repair. Why do we do this?

  • More trust: The accuracy of our assessments has earned us the trust of your insurers.
  • More flexibility: At Glassdrive, we repair the damage to your car windows even without an appointment.
  • More time saved: At Glassdrive, we can repair your windscreen in 30 minutes flat!
  • More durability: Repairing damage means preventing further cracks in the event of extreme cold or an impact on the road.
  • More commitment: We are all committed to reducing our environmental impact. This means that repairing instead of replacing is a given for us.

When we must replace

How do you know whether to replace or repair a damaged windscreen?

  • If your windscreen’s cracked, then there’s no doubt that it needs to be replaced.
  • If your windscreen is heated (small metal wires are embedded in the laminated glass) or athermic (small metal flakes are embedded in the laminated glass), that means it is impossible to simply repair.
  • If your windscreen has one or more damaged spots, then 4 simple questions allow you to make an initial diagnosis yourself to determine what type of intervention your car needs to ensure safe driving.

Repair or replace: how do I make an appointment?

At Glassdrive, we make appointments easy for you! When it comes to repairing or replacing your car glass, the choice is up to you. You can visit one of our centres, contact our call centre or make an appointment directly online:

To repair car glass:

  • You can come to your Glassdrive centre without an appointment: We repair your car glass in 30 minutes flat!
  • If you prefer to book a time slot, you can call our customer service or book on our website
  • You can also book our mobile team that comes to your home to repair your car glass

To replace car glass:

  • You can come to your nearby Glassdrive centre: we will make an appointment with you that best suits your schedule
  • You can call us at our customer service or book your replacement appointment directly or book on our website
  • You can also book our mobile repair service team to come to your house