Calibration of ADAS, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

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What is ADAS?

The ADAS Systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), more commonly known as Driving Assistance Systems, are designed to guarantee safety and comfort while driving. These systems monitor the surrounding environment of the car, using cameras, radar, laser and infrared, with all this information the system is capable of warning the driver in the event of a possible emergency, being able to take control of the vehicle in the event of imminent risk.

More and more vehicles are equipped with driving assistance systems, especially in their windshields, as this is the point that allows obtaining information that is more similar to that obtained by the driver. 

What are the functions of the driving assistance systems?

There are different driving assistance systems, capable of making it easier for drivers to detect and respond to hazards on the road. These systems rely on cameras, radars, dynamic lights, electromagnetic and ultrasonic sensors to monitor the vehicle environment and detect potentially dangerous driving situations.

The front camera of the vehicle must be aligned, so that the system is capable of accurately detecting all the details of the environment. Being inserted into the windshield, which means that after a windshield change, its calibration by a specialized technician is essential.

ADAS calibration in Glassdrive

At Glassdrive we give you the solution. We have specialized technicians and the necessary equipment so that your vehicle's ADAS system never fails. When you make an appointment to replace  your vehicle's glass, we immediately check if it is equipped with the ADAS system and if it needs to be calibrated.

Complete and accurate calibration  

We are committed to returning your vehicle to its original state by following the manufacturer's instructions regarding system calibration. All calibrations carried out in Glassdrive are verified before the vehicle is delivered to the customer.

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How do we perform this service?  

1. Diagnosis of ADAS equipment;

2. Perform windshield replacement service;

3. Calibration of the front camera, located on the windshield;

4. Delivery of a calibration certificate.

After replacing the glass of your vehicle, all sensor systems must be calibrated to ensure that the collaborative network of ADAS systems works correctly.

Tourism and industrial

The Glassdrive centers are prepared to carry out the calibration of the cameras, both for passenger cars and industrial vehicles.

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