Do you have a question? Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Q: What does Original Spare Part mean?
A: Auto glazing which is produced in the same methods, in the same factories and with the same quality criteria as the original glazing

Q: When and why do I need to change a windscreen?
A: If it is not repairable or your windscreen is worn. There is a study made that shows that after 150.000 km the windscreen can become impaired, which means a safety risk.

Q: Is there a difference between the different glass brands?
A: Yes there is. Therefore we always suggest using Original Spare Parts, this guarantees the quality.

Q: Why do you need so much information from me to proceed with the replacement?
A: For the notification of the incident, your insurance company needs all this information.

Q: Can I drive to a Glassdrive station with a broken windscreen?
A: The windscreen is a safety glass. It is made of two glass sheets with a PVB layer in between. Only the outside glass can get damaged. Your crack can expand a bit while driving but the windscreen can not fall out or leaks water inside when raining.

Q: Can I go to a carwash immediately after the replacement?
A: We recommend waiting for 48 hours after the installation of glued glass.

Q: When is it possible to repair the windscreen?
A: If your crack is not bigger than a 2 euro coin and is not directly in front of the driver’s field.

Q: Is it possible to repair side and rear glazing?
A: Only when the side and rear glazing are laminated. Repair can only be performed on laminated glazing (2 glass sheets with PVB interlayer) as tempered glazing (single glass sheet) would break into small pieces.

Q: How long does it take to have my vehicle glass repaired or replaced?
A: It takes around 30 minutes to perform a repair and around 3 hours to do a replacement.