Here to help

We are agile, as local entrepreneurs.

We are robust, as an international glass leader.

We are here to help our customers with top quality glazing products, excellent fitting service and, on top of that, we bring a human element to your glazing damage experience.

1 300
fitting stations in 11 countries
auto glass specialist in Europe
entrepreneurs opening their station door everydays to you
Welcoming you, sincerely
Local entrepreneur
A story of authenticity
Investors or former fitters, our franchisees are passionate about the automotive world and know their job and your need.
Here to help
Shared values
Commitment, passion, trust, efficiency, team spirit: these are the ingredients that make our sense of service stronger.
Quality work
A taste for a job well done
This is our signature. We take the time to do it right, without stealing your own time. It is our first mark of attention, and not the last one!
Welcoming you
Transparency and trust : basis for lasting partnerships

We have been working hand in hand with insurance companies for over 20 years.

Why do insurance companies like working with us? Because we work hard to offer them the best service. We also optimise costs for them, while ensuring the highest quality of care.

If your insurance company trusts us, you can come with your eyes closed.

The power of a leader glass manufacturer

Glassdrive is a brand of Saint-Gobain, glass specialist for 350 years :

manufacturing, transforming, distributing and fitting.

We know all about glass, from sand to hand.

Glassdrive a Saint-Gobain brand
The engagement of independent entrepreneurs

Glassdrive is network of franchisees, united by the same values and driven by the same ambition : ensure you proximity, trust, respect and transparence. Everyday, everywhere.

Your safety, our quality, our priority
Quality auto glass
Same quality as the original
We choose Saint-Gobain Sekurit's products as they ensure the same quality as the original part.
Quality work
Fitting warranty
We're trained for all brands and our work has life warranty.
Sustainable development
We act sustainably
At Glassdrive, we make sustainability a central pillar of our business
Quality work
Engaged to make the world a better home

As part of Saint-Gobain, we are engaged to protect the environment, but also to enhance the well-being of all people contributing to our activity, and to advocate for a more sustainable automotive industry.