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Windscreen repair: Your online appointment 

Did your windscreen suffer an impact, but you’ve no time to make an appointment by phone? No time to stop by your nearest centre to make an appointment? Have you just noticed an impact on a window while the call service is closed? To manage your windscreen repair as quickly as possible: Online booking is quick and easy. In just a few clicks, your repair slot is booked and your mind is lighter!

Make an appointment by phone

Our call centres will take your call during the day so that to enable you to :

  • Make an appointment for your windscreen or glazing repair in one of our 1400 Glassdrive centres in 8 countries.
  • Make an appointment with the Glassdrive mobile service for a free intervention at your home, where it's convenient for you.

Online appointment: No unpleasant surprises!

At Glassdrive, online booking means no unpleasant surprises on the day. What does this mean for you?

  • You have chosen your appointment; we will be waiting for you on the day, ready to restore your window. And if we can't make it, we'll contact you to find an alternative arrangement that is just as convenient for you.
  • Because we take care of all types of vehicles, regardless of their range and age. Thanks to our partner, Sekurit Service, we have a catalogue of more than 14,000 parts available that are equivalent to the quality of your original part. We don't have your part in stock? It can be delivered to us in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Because we recalibrate the camera of your driver assistance system regardless of your vehicle.

Online appointment: Windscreen repair made fast and easy

Booking a windscreen repair online is both fast and easy. In a few clicks, you can pre-diagnose your vehicle’s impact damage. And book the repair slot that really suits you. Are there any other steps to take? Should I contact my insurance company? Not at all. At Glassdrive, we take care of everything for you. Your only task is to make an appointment. The next steps: We’ll take care of it!

Online appointment: Essential information for your repair

To make an appointment online to repair your windscreen, simply identify your vehicle for us (registration number) and what type of car glass is damaged. And let us know how to contact you, of course! The rest we will look at on the day of the intervention.

Make an appointment

What other information can I fill in online?

All you need to do is specify the identity of your vehicle (registration number) and the type of glass damaged (windscreen, rear window, side window, etc.) to book your repair appointment online. But to save time on the day of the intervention, you can also send us:

  • A copy of your vehicle registration document
  • A copy of your insurance card
  • A photo of your impact damage if you are in doubt about the diagnosis.

Broken glass: My car is open, do I have to wait for my appointment to go to the centre?

Not at all! If a side window or rear window of your car is broken, you can visit your nearest Glassdrive centre immediately and before your appointment. Our expert teams will install a temporary plastic protection on the opening. It will protect you from noise and bad weather. And it will protect your interior from anything that could make it dirty (dust, pollen, rain...).

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